Oral Health


Your oral health is incredibly important in making sure your teeth, gums, mouth and bone structure is kept at a high level. By maintaining your oral health, you’ll minimise the risk of any oral health complications such as gum disease and the appearance of your smile will look incredibly healthy and natural.

One in four adults in the UK admits they don’t brush their teeth twice a day.

We’re determined to educate and provide information on how you can improve your oral health and where you can get further advice from dental professionals.

General Dental Oral Health

You should always make sure that you visit the dentist as often as you can. Remarkably, 25% of adults in the UK haven’t visited the dentist in the past two years.

By visiting the dentist, you’ll have your oral health thoroughly assessed and it gives you the opportunity to understand how you can improve your oral health further. Have you got tooth decay?

Cosmetic Dental Treatments

41% of UK adults are currently unhappy with the general appearance of their teeth and smile. Even if you maintain a high level of oral health, your teeth may still be misaligned or may still be chipped or worn naturally.

Dentists across the London and the UK are beginning to offer orally-focused smile makeovers that help address your concerns about the current appearance of your teeth.


Misaligned teeth can cause a number of health problems as you gradually get older. Speech problems, your natural bit and appearance of your teeth are just some of the factors that are affected if you don’t address misaligned teeth.

There is specialist orthodontics that is trained to address your misaligned teeth. Treatments can vary in length depending on the work needed, but within a year, you should expect to see straight teeth.