Stopping Tooth decay

Keeping teeth healthy for longer

Throughout our entire life, we will encounter some tooth problems such as tooth decay. Tooth decay nowadays is hard to avoid especially in our childhood when as kids we cry if we couldn’t grab a handful of candies or if our parents wouldn’t buy some us ice cream.

As children or young adults, all we want is to have sweets in our mouth without thinking about cleaning our teeth. Perhaps, your parents may have been reminding you to brush your teeth before bedtime, but there are times you failed to do so because you just want to go to sleep.

Certainly, tooth decays are becoming more prevalent especially with kids and toddlers today. The culprit is sucrose or commonly known as table sugar. All of us love to have sweets especially in our desserts and snacks but unfortunately for us, so are the bacteria thriving in our mouth. There are no exceptions from tooth decay problems whether it’s your child or it’s you. See treating gum disease.

Let us examine the main cause of tooth decay: Sucrose

Sucrose is sweet and harmless on its own. It cannot cause your teeth to fall out like it is some evil concoction made by a mad evil witch. The problem starts when sucrose leftovers by way of food debris are left between your teeth or found on the surfaces of your teeth becomes a staple food for the bacteria in your mouth. When bacteria feed on sucrose (glucose and fructose as well), the byproduct is acids and it is the acids that can cause demineralization of the tooth’s enamel that result’s into tooth decay.

Saliva our first line of defence.

Do you ever why we salivate? Saliva has an important role in maintaining our teeth’s overall health as well as for digestion purposes. Saliva helps neutralize the acids produced by these bacteria to help prevent dental caries or tooth decay. Saliva also helps maintain the ph level in our mouth.

Acids that came as a byproduct of sucrose, glucose and fructose can wreak havoc on our teeth and saliva is our first line of defence.
Despite the effectiveness of saliva, it can still be offset by poor oral hygiene that is why it is very important to clean our mouth by brushing, flossing, mouthwash and regular checkups with our dentist like every six months. Most if not all of our toothpaste used for teeth brushing contains fluoride to help remineralize our teeth and help prevent dental caries or tooth decays.

Dental caries or tooth decay is not to be underestimated. Once you have dental caries it may progress to tooth loss and severe toothaches if left untreated. It is important to maintain your teeth especially your permanent teeth because if you lose them due to tooth decay, it may deform your jaw which will require you to have dental surgery later on. Your permanent teeth help maintain the shape of your jaw like beam supports. Having tooth decay can also affect the overall aesthetics of your face and it is not pleasant to look at with decaying teeth in your mouth. You might get too embarrassed to smile because of tooth decay.

To avoid all these problems and perhaps a possibility of having dental surgery then we should take care of our pearly whites as soon and as early as possible. Maintain good dental hygiene to fight dental caries and avoid tooth decay problems.