Tips for dental phobic’s who are seeking a brand new smile

Dental phobia is one of the most common types of phobia in the UK and the damaging effect is that many phobic’s avoid seeing a dentist.

Regular dental checks are important, not just for your oral health, but also for your overall health and wellbeing. If you have dental phobia and you are crippled by anxiety and fear at the mere mention of seeing a dentist, there are ways to overcome your fears and dentists all around the UK are there to help.

Nowadays, dentists have training in handling nervous patients and they are able to use special techniques and treatment methods to make patients feel more confident and less anxious. Here are some tips for patients with dental phobia:

Call a dentist with expertise in treating nervous patients

All dentists have training to care for patients with anxiety, but some have additional training in this area and if you have dental phobia, it’s worth seeking one out. Call the clinic and arrange a consultation, so that you can meet your dentist, discuss your fears with them and get a feel for the clinic.

Remember that your dentist is there to help

Don’t be afraid to be honest and open with your dentist about your anxiety and fears; remember that they are there to help and will be happy to answer questions and go through treatments to help you feel calmer.

An example of your finished result

Work with your dentist

If you’re interested in cosmetic treatments, such as veneers, tooth whitening or smile makeover, work with your dentist and design your new smile with them. Be honest about how you are feeling and plan your treatment together. Your dentist will be able to make recommendations to help make treatment pain and stress-free.

The option of a trial smile

A great option that many dentists offer is a trial smile. This helps you and your dentist create the best smile based on aesthetics, bite and veneer fittings. The Trial Smile is a way of testing out your new appearance to see if they suit you and if this is what you were looking for when you started your cosmetic journey. How does it work?

Make the most of modern techniques and treatments

Dentists have an arsenal of treatments available and many of them are completely pain-free; they can also use techniques such as sedation and devices such as The Wand to make patients feel less anxious.

Call your dentist and ask them about the treatments and methods they have at their disposal. Sedation is a really popular method for relaxing patients and it is widely used in medicine and dentistry; it induces a state of relaxation on the body and mind and prevents patients from experiencing pain.

Please share your dental experience with Disability & Health Society. We are interested in your overall health and we guide you in the right steps to make it happen.