Tooth decay

So what is tooth decay and why is it such a pain in the mouth? The human mouth is crammed full of microscopic bacteria which unfortunately thrives on sugar rich food and drink, transforming it into damaging acids which combine with saliva and tiny food particles to create plaque.

Over time, the plaque can build up and eat away at tooth enamel, breaking the surface of the tooth and, in advanced cases, infecting the inner tooth pulp.

This may sound like a horror story told by Dublin dentists to keep us running to their surgeries and keep signs reading dental practice sales from their doors, but it is a sad reality that our poor teeth and gums are under constant attack from the food and drink we love.

When the pulp is infected it can be necessary to undergo treatment, or, in extreme cases of neglect, tooth extraction.

So don’t sit mocking the toothpaste adverts while eating another donut in front of the TV, take tooth decay seriously, maintain oral hygiene, listen to your dentists when they pass on what is valuable advice, and cut back on the sugary consumables which will only help plaque strengthen its attack.

If you are someone who is experiencing tooth decay, then you need to be aware of the risks involved and danger it can cause, not just to your teeth, but to your gums as well.

Getting your treatment as soon as possible can be a way to help your teeth live longer. However, delaying the process can have a negative effect on your mouth in the future. Booking an appointment with your dentist is the best way to solve your dental problem. Your dentist will suggest the most suitable treatment, which may include a tooth replacement.

Keep your teeth clean safe and healthy!